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Default Tough opening day

Well, right now I have mixed emotions. Wish I could go back in time because I'd not spend the entire day outside to see NO DEER what-so-ever until the last 15 min of daylight. First day of firearms season was a disapointment to say the least.
Conditions here are horrible. Highs in the upper 60's with winds blowing ALL day long. Constant 5-10mph winds all day with gusts up to 35mph. PLUS, the wind was blowing out of the south/southwest, which all my firearm-set-ups are facing the north for a north wind. Didn't hear many shots today at all. Probably 1/4 of what I normally hear.
With about 45 minutes of daylight to go, I decide to leave the woods (after a 4 hour sit of seeing NOTHING except 10 coons) and go for a walk on a different part of the property that I don't hunt much b/c it's out of the way. Well low and behold, I see a doe right away but she was already at the fence line and jumped over and walked into the woods. Then I saw another deer with about 10 min of daylight left. This deer was bigger than the first and I thought it was a nice doe. Shot once, and hit a limb and the deer just spooked but didn't run. Shot second time and hit a little far back but it stumbled and fell right where I shot it. Bad news- it was a button buck. Didn't want to shot a button buck but we'll take the meat. There's just no way to see the dog-gone bumps on his head. Plus he was a BIG button buck. If he were a doe, he'd have been bigger than a medium sized doe. Got him dressed and cleaned and taking him to the processor after supper. Tator's on the board.... and tired
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