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Tony sparrow
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First things first, as you all know deer have an incredible sense of smell. Like stated in other posts, its one of a deers key survival characteristics. Like most animals in the wilderness they follow there nose whether to guide them to food, other deer, or away from danger. Now think about what you do before you go out for your hunt. Most people do there best to try and get any scent off there clothing by hanging clothing outside for the air to cleanse it, or spray down everything with odor covering products. We try to make ouselves invincible in every way for the deer especially with how we smell. We breathe through our noses even so that our breathe don't linger. A deer smells all sorts of different things in the wild. The scents they are familiar with serve as there basis for travel. If they smell something odd or unfamiliar they generally move in the opposite direction. But during opener weekends the deer smell all sorts of random odors that hunters introduce to the air as they go out for the hunt. The deer do there best to move away from the odors people bring but eventually the animal still walks itself into the crosshairs. Getting to the point of all this, ya don't want to bring a foriegn smell to there enviorment. Deer may not feel threatened by chew smell but its something they are not familiar with. It could possibly decline your chances of seeing a deer, or have no affect at all. It can depend on a lot of other factors as well like wind, the day of which u hunt (like an opening weekend), or where your spitting it. All in all, my opinion is that its probably not the best idea, but I have chewed in the stand and shot plenty of deer throughout my life. I don't know exactly if chew caused any monster bucks to avoid me some years but I have tagged them with a pinch In plenty of times. If you have doubts about chewing during your hunt then you probably shouldn't, but in my experience it has never caused any harm that I am aware of. Chewing with hunting and fishing go's hand in hand for me. When or if the season comes where I don't shoot a deer, I might quit chewing while I'm out there. Until then I'm gonna enjoy my grizzly while doing what I love. Happy hunting brothers and I hope my opinion was helpful.
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