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I was sad to hear of the coach being fired while we were hunting there. Until (all) the facts are put public we'll have to see where all the blame goes. One thing I do disagree is no coach is greater than it's school and Joe is no exception. I know PS backers think very highly of Joe and rightly so. I wished he would have retired several years ago and let his long time assistant coach get his due. Joe will always be a really great coach not sure if I would rate him best all time just because of longevity/wins, but he's right up there. I think you have to look at all things including national champs ect to rank the coaches but I hear you. Maybe when the facts are all lined up Joe will be fully vindicated, I hope so as college football has taken an ugly turn this last couple of years. Joe and his wife have given so much to Penn State and to have this handed back to them makes for some sour grapes. OSU's troubles have really hit hard this year. The coach tried to protect his players and lost his job over stupid players. Look at Miami and it's crap just makes college football less enjoyable for me and this new issue just adds to it. The coach always takes the blame for school troubles.
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