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As a Penn State Fan this really saddened me to see him kicked out the door in this manner. It was bad enough to learn that he was being "forced to retire against his will - only to be fired a few hours after making that announcement.

The events the scandal is centered on is a terrible thing. From all that I read Joe Pa did was was necessary and let them deal with it. There are many things in life we can look back on and say we wish we had done things differently.

My theory is that those that wanted to see him go took this as the golden opportunity to force the change. Somewhere along someone tried to cover this scandal up and with it national news now "heads needed to roll" to show that they are doing something about it. Unfortunately the legacy and name of the greatest football coach has been tarnished and stained as part of the fall out.

I hope those that are truely part of ths terrible event are found out and rightfully brought to justice as those abused are forever scarred.

I beleive that there had to be a better way to handle this with regard to Joe Pa. I would like to see the Penn State football team refuse to play their last two games. Sure this will cost them a chance at the Big 10 title but would also send support to their now former coach
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