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Another property lost???

I just came back from the home of one of the several siblings that own the old farm property that I hunt. Apperently, there is a family feud among some of the siblings and my hunting there was one of the sources of contention. I have always made a large effort to be respectful to all the members of the family and always show my appreciation to them for letting me hunt their property. The one who is making the biggest fuss, does not hunt nor does he have children that hunt so it's not like I'm infringing on their hunting areas. He says he is afraid that I will get hurt while on their property and try to sue......Number 1- I'm not that type. Number 2- I tried to explain that the written permission slips provided by the state of Ohio, refers to the an ordinance in the Ohio Revised Code that hold the property owners harmless who give permission for recreational use of their land. The sibling who usually signs my permission slip gave me the option of moving my stands to a different part of the farm where his son hunts and his son is ok with this also but I then I would feel as if I was infringing on his son's hunting. Even though they have given me written permission for this season, I will probably pull my stands this Friday and let the property go. Anyone have an other ideas or comments on how to handle this...............Thanks
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