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Originally Posted by mw0248 View Post
I hunt here in Ark; plenty of deer, bear, yotes;
I had a 78 lb. german sheperd dog that was a fantastic deer dog; man, she would sniff 'em out, and run 'em back around to you;

I always put a blaze orange full body vest on her, so some idiot wouldn't mistake her fo a coyote;

Last fall, I was letting her run, while I was sitting on top of a mountain peak, where I could see her running about;

There is a road down the mountain about 1/4 mile away; 3 guys are sitting around /on tailgate of their truck; They start taking pot shots at my dog, (which has a full orange vest on); One of the guys finally killed her, and they all laughed about it;

I shot him thru the knee with my .270; didnt want to kill him, but I crippled him for life, cause he shot my dog; made the others drop their guns, while I called game and fish, and told them what happened;

Now I have to go to court;

What would you all do, when you see guys intentiontally trying to kill your dog? I told the guy he was lucky I didnt shoot him in the head;
good for you brother i would have donr the same thing good luck let us know how it turns out
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