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A note on rifles chambered for 308 Win

One item you need to think about when manufactures chamber for the 308 they sometimes save money by blocking the bolt travel and internal magazine well for the shorter than standard length (30-06) case. This means that the rifle that should be 1/2 to 3/4 inch shorter ends up being the same length and weight. The forward scope base also will be in closer on a short action rifle compaired to a standard (30-06) length one. This will make your choice of scopes much larger. Some scopes have a rather short tube and require special ext rings to get the proper eye relief.
For this reason I often point out if a shooter wants a given rifle selection where they are using the same standard length action for both the 308 and 30-06 that they might as well elect to go with the 30-06 over the 308. The 308 Win is a great cartridge it offers some advantages over the standard length 30-06, but the 30-06 also can fire some bullet weights the 308 can't.

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