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Sometimes you just miss twice

Well at 32 you can still break a lot of your good hunting rules. Let me give you a recap.

Friday was the last day of the early doe only MG hunt in AR. Saturday is the start of the Youth MG weekend. My 11 year old shot a bigger buck than I ever have last year and just as many doe as I did. I have heard about it from her a little. She is going to the horn hotel with my dad Saturday….

I have hunted a pretty good bit with a bow and muzzleloader this year with no luck. Hurried and not prepared. Like black camo pants after church... So let’s just say that I had opportunities to take a doe but I was waiting for a buck or when I got ready to shoot a doe I got busted out for stupid crap. Anyways back to the story. My doe stand is ready; deer coming into the feeder regularly; active trail with food on it behind me. Seeing deer ya know.

So I get off at 1:30 of Friday and head home to grab my .270. it is still locked in my grandfathers gun case..... and I can't find the key. So I break the lock and grab the gun (that hurt me a little bit). Been playing with the bow and muzzleloader up till now so I haven't shot it this year... and it was put up dirty.... I go find some Steel Ballistic Silvertips. One was on the dryer from going through the wash last year, 2 are in the center armrest of the truck with all this black funk on it. WTH, I'll wash them so they don't jam in the sink.... Out the door I go.

Get on the stand with all my camo on except my white socks... and wait. Nice peaceful afternoon in the woods after a long stressful week. According to my sunset calendar I have until 6:48 to shoot. At 6:30 I hear movement behind me and look down to see my socks showing. As I push them into my boots the group of deer heads back the way they were coming in from. GREAT!!!

I fire off an angry text to my lovely wife about cussing about hating hunting and that I am quitting.... then I settle down again just in time to see 2 little doe... come out in front of me at my feeder. It is show time. I have shot 6 doe in this same area the past few years. Two doe and I want to see blood. I grab my rope I use to keep my gun stead on the leanto and get ready. I get it in my head that I am going to shot them both back to back. It's 40 yards I can do this. Nice clean head shot on the first doe, cycle the bolt and put one in the boilerroom of the second. Up by 2 on my daughter. Woot. That was the plan anyways.

I level down on the head of the first doe. Almost dark, so I leave the scope on 3x and squeeze the trigger..... The heifer raises up and looks at me. I won't miss twice is all i can think. Cycle, aim at the biggest part front should and pull the trigger. Both doe turn and run. No plopping on the ground…. no jump…. no tail down. Maybe I didn't hit her great. I go look for blood.... up and down my lane 4 times.... at the woods where they left my lane.... 4 times. No blood... no hair...

Sometimes you just miss….TWICE
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