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Originally Posted by Karl.Luhr View Post
Hornady lists the 270 Superformance with the 130gr at 3200fps
Winchester list the 270 at 2900fps, the 270WSM at 3200fps both w/130gr.

So it looks like you could buy a 270 shoot cheap 270 ammo or if needed use the Superformance ammo and get 270WSM performance.

Well, I reckon that's fine if your rifle shoots that one .270 Win load well. Of course, with the WSM there are 10 other 130gr loads that shoot that bullet at least that fast (Winchester load I saw said 3270 FPS/130gr) plus the ability to handload to that speed as well.

I own several .270 Wins and it's a very fine cartridge. It is not the equal of the .270 WSM (which I also own) however.
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