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Forget the 300 mag.A little story,One day a friend and I were lounging against an old cattle barn on a hillside eating lunch.I was hunting with a Marlin 30-30 and he had a custom 300 mag.I'm 6'1'' and 185 lbs.,He's 5'6'' and about 130 lbs.There's frost on the grass.So anyway,it's doe season and a line of doe come trotting across the meadow on the opposite hillside about 120 yds away.He's on my right and I say wait till they stop and you take the first one and I'll take another one.So, they stop before entering the woods and he shoots and misses and slides around on the grass.I shot at two and dropped them both before he recovered.He told me he only fired two shots out of that rifle before hunting.I'm guessing it was because of the recoil.The land owner was glad to have the herd reduced and we each took a deer home.
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