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Originally Posted by Dylan View Post
It goes on whether it is legal or not. Look at drug smuggling, gun smuggling, prostitution, gambling, whatever.
2 responses to your statement:

1. So since it goes on anyways, it's ok?

2. Answer this question: If drug and gun smuggling and prostitution were made LEGAL, would these acts increase in our country more so than what they already are? I think you get my drift.

Originally Posted by Dylan View Post
And if you think trolling is not 100% agreeing with you then you probably shouldn't engage in any kind of discussion ever.
I'm merely expressing my views Dylan. I honestly couldn't care less about what you think I'm trying to do. The topic was about Obama, I expressed my views (because you asked) and now I'm being called a Troll. Ain't that the pot calling the kettle black!
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