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no i dont think that not agreeing 100% of the time is trolling. i have had disagreements with just about every one on hear. iv been the only one one my side in debates. and i have been on the same side as everyone elce on other debates. the reason i am confident that you are trolling is because you dont have many post. and in thoughs small amount to post you have, questioned the faith of more than one member of this forum in the christain corner, made tha accusation of treason against another (me, just so no one thinks im hiding that fact) just for hopeing for the death of a man who has done his best to destroy my country. ( and for the record im a third generation vet, who was disabled in the line of duty, and medicly discharged under honnerable conditions, and id do it all over again for my country) so ya i dont think im exactly the kind of person who would ever even so much as think about commiting treason. and amongst other things acted like you thought we were making false and unfounded accusations against obama for for not being a christain. when all you have to do is lissten to how he talkes up about islam, and bashes christains, and our values to see that he is not a christian. and in all you inflamitory post you have yet to back up any of your positions with eather fact, or compelling lodgic. so ya, when you add all that up i dont think that its to far off for me to just assume your a troll.

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