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I have a $50 red dot on my 44 mag and my 50 cal Vortek pistol. The one on the Vortek is a Center Point . The one on my 44 is a Tasco. I had people tell me they would not last but both have. I have put close to 100 rounds through the 44 with that sight and it hasnt come off center. 30-40 rounds through the Vortek with the same results.
If you want pictures let me know.

The dot sizes are measured in MOA. The smaller the better for a small animal. The smaller the dot, generally the more expensive. I think both of mine are 5 MOA.

If you got a 5 MOA dot and shot at 50 yards, the dot would probably be bigger than the body of the squirrel ( dot size would be about 2.5 inches). A 2 MOA would be better (dot size about 1 inch).

At the price of the 5 MOA red dots it might be worthwhile to pick one up and play with it to see if it meets (meats! :) )your needs. Once you figure out where the bullet hits within that circle you may be able to hit a squirrel 2 out of 3 times. If you only shoot at 25 yards you may be just fine.

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