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Shoulder shot with bow ?

I shot and hit a real nice tall and wide 6 pt this past weekend. I am almost 100% sure I hit the deer too far forward and in the shoulder. It was about a 31 yd shot. I am shooting a matthews Drenlin set at about 63-64 lb draw weight. I found my arrow and about 3 1/2 inches of the arrow was broke off in the deer. There was blood about another 3 inches up the arrow. No pass througjh. I gave the deer over 5 hrs before I went to look for him. When I went back out all we could find was a few small drops of blood. We walked the property out with no sign of the deer. Do you guys think the deer will survive that kind of hit? I passed an earlier shot on him bc it was a questionable shot to later hit him too far forward. I had a rage mechincal broadhead. ( 2 blade).
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