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water, snacks,hand warmers, knife, 2 flash lights (one hand held and one head strap/hands free), small first aid kit, i dont carry fild dressing because i dont feild dress around my hunting area i take them home to do, i hunt less than 10 min drive from the house so i make sue i have my deer drag in my pack.
most important for me because i do hunt alone is i keep a gps at home that i have plodded my stand locations on from were i park my truck. i remind my wife yearly on how to operate it if for some reason me nor her could send my dad or someone more woods knolagable after me if something were to happen. but anyways anyone could turn it on at my truck and walk right to my stand in that hunting area. hunting by myself i thought that was the best way to keep up with it just in case i drove a different truck.
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