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Originally Posted by delbert View Post
Ouch !!!! how far did your thumb go
It was held on by a small piece of meat. Was 1.5 hours from the nearest hospital. It was laying over on the side. I had to pull it up high enough to put it back in place and wrap it. Wasnt one of my better days.

I just wished they had called me back and listened to me... 2 phone calls and 2 letters went unanswered. Probably afraid of being sued.

It was a learning experience for me. Believe me it will only happen once. I hope everyone learns from what happened to me so they dont go through that.

My son laughs at me when I shoot the bow. I audibly ask myself "where is my thumb" and then answer myself " my thumb is down".

The bow itself functions well but does have a loud release. I just may invest in string dampers myself. It is very accurate.

OP if you decide to buy this, be very very careful.

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