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I think the main point mattinthewild is not getting is that he took a 600yd shot at a deer that he didn't have perfectly calculated and aimed and got lucky. That's what you are forgetting to say. If you took that shot 10 times, I'm betting you miss or severely injure that animal 9 of the times. The very quote came out of your mouth "I missed high". OK, in my book if you are shooting at 600yds and you practice practice practice like you said, then the only reason to take that 600yd shot is if YOU KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT you're going to kill that animal. You obviously didn't. Not saying you didn't have the confidence in yourself (you obviously did), but you did not know 100% if you were going to kill him or not.

that's our point. and that's hunting ethics. that video is also why "they" are trying to take our favorite pastime away from us.

James 1:2-8
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