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Remember my son in prayers the next couple of weeks

When your in your treestand over the next couple weeks and your thinking about DHC i would appreciate it if you could say some prayers for my 3 yr old son.

They are going to surgically remove his lens (eye) to get rid of a cataract. Place a mechanical lens in its place.

I do not like putting young kids to sleep or giving them drugs to make them loopy. Mama needs your prayers too.

Greatest fear is he has an infection in his eye and then loses his eye completely. Best case that Im praying for is vision that would allow for legal driving out of that eye. (just in case he ever lost his healthy eye ball he could still drive, etc.)

He has had it since birth, so you do surgery now in hopes that his brain has not already turned that eye off. Once the brain figures out the black spot in center is gone it starts to use that eye just like the other one. There is starting to be a major difference in how well he sees out of his "good" and "bad" eye. We call today to verify the surgery date. Will be in about 3 weeks.
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