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Done with part one..

This is actually a gift for his Brother-in-law, the guy has helped him alot..

I have the Redfield 2x7x33 mounted, I had him to buy the Steel Weaver Grand Slam medium rings.

The scope looks real nice, he is happy with the scope position I would have prefered to bring the scope back a little farther. If it was my rifle I would use the same rings but their high ones. The Brother-in-law is taller then both of us at 6' 2". We are hoping it will be just right for him.

The Marlin scope base has four locations for the front ring. I used the rear most position. It has two locations for the rear ring, I again used the rear most slot.

We are heading to the range tomorrow morning to sight in this one and the one his Sister bought for his nephew last Christmas. I had recommended she buy her son that Marlin XL7 also. The one his Sister bought has a Nikon ProStaff on it. At the time I thought that was a good choice and I think that it is still a good one. She went with the Nikon 3x9x40.

The Marlin does look very nice for the money. The trigger is very good. If I was buying one for myself to have as a loaner, I would spend the extra 100.xx dollars if possible for a wood stock instead of plastic.

I will post how the rifles shoot after the range session....

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