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My only problem was you shot at a game animal with very limited almost no margin of error at a very long range with really poor shot angle and still took the shot, no game animal ethics. If the buck was facing you, I assume, could you have waited him out to move closer and take a better shot? 99.9% of hunters would have passed on the shot as too big of wounding potential. You got your buck, congrats, but I would have kept it to myself and not sent it all over the web, nothing to brag about to me. I have several rifles fully capable of that range but I give game animals the benifit of doubt when highly questionable shots are at had. You made the decision that any shot is ok, given the yardage and where you hit him, it won't pass muster here, sorry. To quote you" I had limited options" one option that you should have taken was to not shoot!

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