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Hi Daddus: I have slug hunted in Illinois for the past 42 yrs and used a fully rifled Hastings 24" cantilevered barrel for the past 17yrs. I also do a lot of experimenting with slugs on paper first, then go and kill deer with them to see terminal performance. The two rounds I really like are Winchester Partition Golds and Remington Ultra Bonded CoreLokts. I have them set at 2" high at 50yds and at 200yds they are about 7" low. I have killed deer with them at 204yds, 193yds and 181yds. They are both devastating rounds and both shoot the same out of my gun(Rem. 870, Redfield 2x-7x Widefield) Last year I recommended the Part Golds to a friend in New Jersey who bear hunts. He said that he's never seen such terminal damage on a bear. Good luck this hunting season!!!
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