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I hope I steered him right....

I have recommended the Marlin XL7 rifles to several people after looking at them. It always seemed like a good deal at a very low pricepoint. One of my friend's called a couple of days ago from the store to ask what scope he should buy for the Marlin XL7 that he just bought. Ok, he bought the rifle on my suggestion. Now he is asking me again to select the scope. I suggested that he pick up a Redfield 2x7x33 for his new Marlin.

I will be mounting the scope mount and scope in the morning. We are heading to the range in two days to sight it in.

It is easier buying something for yourself. I always worry someone else may at the end of the day not like what I recommended.

He can't afford to pay what my rifles and scopes cost. This is a major purchess for him.

I will post how everything goes together and shoots.....

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