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Originally Posted by Hunting Man View Post
Tator, my point was humans have the right to, go, do, become whatever they want too, however, they will stand by themselves on judgement day to answer for those actions. To those forming groups to tear down morality, and undo all that made our country great, your day of recconing is coming! That's my point. What's worse is a country's leader paving the way towards sin.

I absolutely agree HM... it's just a shame that our country's leader can't have the right morals to keep this country going in the right direction, both ethically and morally. My whole point about the abortion and gay/lesbian thing is how much influence Obama has on this nation. Maybe not to you and me, but there are millions of people who look up to him for advice and consider him very knowledgeable about programs and policies in place in this country. That's my point.. I know people will still have abortions and be gay even if it's illegal... it's just that this country has always had leaders who backed this up... now we don't. I think it's the #1 reason why we're going down the crapper... when ethics and morals go out the windows,, anything goes.

James 1:2-8
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