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Originally Posted by hunt NH View Post
i think you guys are wasting your time with Dylan. im about 99% sure he is trolling, and the fact that he knew what i was refuring to when i called him a troll just renforces that thought. not to mention the fact that he hasent gone way off the deep end with it, and can get you all to go back and forth about his post show to me that he is good at it, and has been doing it a long time. just ignoring him is the only way he will stop.

I agree... I respect him for having his own beliefs, but he does not back them up very well. If someone is a true Christian, how can you be ok with the way our country is right now? It makes me sick to think where we're headed. HM... I agree with you about everyone has the "right" to consider themselves gay or homo or whatever you want to call it, but it's also like I said, if it's NOT legalized then there will be alot less of it going on. We can't stop it, but we can control it. As a Christian nation, GOD WANTS us to live like one. And we are not. Our current president does not have morals that support a Christian Nation. He stands for EVERYTHING Christians DON'T! He's been riding this train for too long. IF you give the kids free-run of the house, they're going to distroy it. It's time we had a President who acted like a PARENT to our country. Not our buddy.

James 1:2-8
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