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Well I'm gonna get a little heat but I don't care, but for starts I would not have you tube'ed that ! That's nasty, and a 600 yard shoot? REALY ? Unless your some specially trained sniper I would never atemp a shot like that, thankfully since you made contact you were able to harvest the animal !
Now as far as the shot. First I live in ky so no open desert area here. Mostly hilly wooded area and most shots are under 60 yards and never over 100 yards, I've been hunting since I was about 12, I'm 35 now. I have filled or nerly filled my tags every year and I have never mounted any of them but they have all been ate by me and my friends n family. Well I grew up with you heart shoot and I hunted this way for years, and for years I destroyed the heart (wich I save and give to a friend out of ever deer now), front shoulders, and having to track n pack deer up n down thick hilly woods. So I started head shooting. Drop in their tracks, I don't destroy any meat, can usually get my truck to were I shoot them. I mean REALY people talk about ethics, shoot one in the head that drops dead, or in the heart that goes 20 yards and dies or lungs and runs 100 yards and goes and chokes on it's blood for another 10 mins then dies, then you cut out all than meat caz it's all bruised up. Now I wouldn't recommend my method if your one of them trophy hunters that only hunt for that one buck a year just for your wall. And as far as now hunting witch I mostly do I do still heart/ lung shot because the arrow does not cause the damage to the meat a bullet does. Just my 2 cent.
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