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Patience young Jedi hunter. Why all the frustrations so early on? Everything you are encountering will pay huge dividens down the road. So far so good, you've had several in shooting range, very good! Some will say a mature doe can be the toughest deer in the woods to harvest. You have to learn/train to calm down when deer are approaching you. Allowing them to remain calm and doing their thing and not aware that you are there is the issue. Are hunting from an elevated stand then add some camo around you to conceal yourself some, that will give you additional confidence that the deer are not seeing you. Make sure you use all available scent elimination products you can and watch the wind direction and where you set your stand so that your scent is not constantly carrying downwind to the deer. You should know the general direction the deer travel morning/night so use that info for your stand placement and wind issue. I think you are pretty well on your way to a bow harvest, be patient good things will come.
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