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Obama has taken our country to a serious evil depth that will take many many years to climb out of. The USA is tarnished and needs to be shined up and put back on the road of world leaders. We need factories, refineries, production, not failed solar companies that sucked up taxpayer monies and went out of business or are building factories in Mexico with our tax dollars or corrupt banking. Obama stands for all that is bad/wrong. Being gay or socialist or whatever is your right as a human, just remember you will be the only one standing to be judged one at a time in front of the only judge that matters and only you will have to explain your actions, there won't be gangs of immoral supporters trying to "change" the rules backing you up. If you think our God is all forgiving then read about Sodom and Gamora (Tator correct my spelling) there was two cities so morally corrupt that God had enough and permanently ended the sinning. Justifying corruption/socialism/immoral acts is exactly whats matter with our country. I might be old fashion in my thoughts but I'm comfortable with/in them. This might be all over the place but I get my dandruf up over the thought processes of the Obama supporters and their ways. I'm done, sick to my stomach now.
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