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Light weight, that still packs a punch

I would recommend any of the mountain rifles. The three choices that I would recommend would be in my mind...
Weatherby Ultra Lightweight in 270
Winchester M70 Featherweight in 270
Remington M700 Mountain rifle in 270

Each of these are light, with the Weatherby being the lightest and most expensive. All have the great trigger that you will need for your 250 yard shots.

The caliber could change but you already have a rifle in 270. It's a great caliber and the light mountain rifles will kick more than the standard weight ones.

For a scope I would be looking at the top of the line Leopold or Zeiss conquest line of scopes. You don't want a scope that weights a ton on top of a lightweight rifle. You only need quality optics not large diameter
ones. Most States only allow shooting 1/2 hour past the setting of the sun. A good quality scope will easily grant you the shot during that time.

Smarter, more experienced, and more successful shooters/hunters are going to give you their input this is mine....Good luck with your choice..

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