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Originally Posted by Dylan View Post
And the 1600s and 1700s weren't so great. That's why we have progress. And electricity and the internet.

1600's??? wasn't going back that far, brother. After all, our country was founded in 1776.

Your opinion is just that, YOUR opinion. And my opinion is just that, MY opinion. We can respect that.

You're right, kids that grow up with parents w/no morals and no rules tend to turn out so well. They grow up to be responsible citizens of this country and law abiders to the "t". I don't know what I was thinking about having a "governing body" (OR MOM AND DAD) in charge of them.

I think you are mistaking my opinion for saying I agree with how our government is ran right now,,, it is not ran correclty. I.E. it all starts with that big white colored house on Penn. ave. in DC. If we have a "parent" that had no morals and everything is socially exceptable, then the "kids" or COUNTRY will end up the way it is... but who cares, let's just continue letting the people of this country make their own decisions when it comes to abortion and gay and lesbian issues... our country is in such a great shape right now.

James 1:2-8
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