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Please don't question my love for my fellow humans. I have no reservations when it comes to loving others. Now, do I agree with some people's lifestyles? NO. Why do I have to be tolerant of their lifestyles? I'm not hating them, you brought that part up. I said nothing about hatred or dislike. I simply DO NOT agree with those things because they are not Biblical.
I also stated that I do not know anyone who has had an abortion or is gay/lesbian. That fact remains.. now if they are hiding it, they are doing a good job of it. The fact still remains, I don't know about it,, therefore I don't know someone who has or is.
The reason the government has a say-so on these issues is because first off, we are a CHRISTIAN nation. When this country was founded there was never talks of considering legalizing abortion, and yet rapes and incest still went on. There were no talks of gay and lesbian marriages, and yet there still were people living their lives this way. The Government, believe it or not, still has alot of influence on the people in this country. IF you gave your child a day of NO RULES and everything was "tolerated" and looked at as "acceptable" then your house would be in ruin and it would take you probably a week to "get your child back to normal". The same goes for this nation. If we were to legalize both of these things, where does that stop?

Are you saying that because something is legal, it's right????? I hope that's not what you are saying.... That's a HUGE gamble I wouldn't be willing to take. So if abortion was legalized throughout this nation, it would ok in your eyes? Just because it's "legal"? I'm guessing not,, in your eyes... but to many people IT WOULD BE CONSIDERED THAT WAY... that's why government has a place.

LOVE TO ALL BROTHER... but I don't have to agree with your lifestyle....

James 1:2-8
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