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Originally Posted by Crawdaddy View Post
I dont use factory ammo. The best thing I could suggest is to try a few of the name brands and see which is most accurate.

If memory serves me correctly I tried Remington 150 gr core locks when I first bought the gun and they were pretty accurate. I dont like core lock bullets so I would stop short of reccomending them.
Don't have the $$ to get set up for hand loading, and don't really put enough rounds downrange to justify the costs . . . . yet.

Started hunting with Winchester Silver Tips. Hit two deer, the first of which got up and ran off. (My fault for not putting another round between the antlers while he was down) Had to slit the throat of the second one. Neither bullet penetrated the chest cavity. Called my father-in-saw who said he'd used Core-Lokt bullets for years. Started using them and have had great luck with them, putting two or three in the freezer every year.

Use Core-Lokt 150 grain in my .270, .30/30 and .300 Savage.
Use 100 grain in my 6mm Remington, too.

Can't complain about the results I've gotten . . . . . .

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