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I just purchased and put out Moultrie's M80... it takes SHARP pics and they are crystle clear at only 5mp. However, I do recommend that you set the sensitivity to LOW b/c I last checked it after being out a week it had 912 pics and about 800 of them were of weeds or leaves moving! It ain't gonna miss anything!
It's around $130, and small sized!

Like GFD said, the Moultrie D55IR are nice, but buy them online. Bass pro and cabelas still have those cams for well over $150 and you can buy a brand new one for around $100 on ebay. Bass pro did have the D55 (not IR) on sale for $75 last time I was there (friday).

I would like to try the Bushnell and I swear it'll be the next cam I buy! They are around $130-$150

Stay away from Cuddebacks, they are junk, it's like buying the cadillac when you can buy the same chevy for $30,000 less.
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