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OK... I had to read and re-read that original post about 5 times to make sure I saw "I SHOT HIM IN THE KNEE". I have to go with most of the people on here and say that wasn't the best idea in the world. The way the law will look at it is animal vs. human. He shot your dog, yes that is bad and horrible, but you shot him. Doesn't matter where at, you shot him. In my eyes, that's attempted manslaughter and you'll probably never get to hold a gun or weapon again for the rest of your life... and rightfully so. *they may take away your dog owning privileges b/c you weren't able to "handle yourself in a correct manner" when the dog got killed.
I would say good luck,,, but I think you deserve some time in jail for this one. sorry!

James 1:2-8
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