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I understand what you're saying timetohunt, and I agree with you, but I don't think cowaring into a silent corner is the best way to handle these type of posts.
Hunting is one of our oldest Traditions and thanks to those who hunted long before all of us, it was then and still is the safest outdoor activity to participate in.
Hunters are governed by rules, regulations and Law not only State Law but Federal Law too and when you consider the Multi-Millions of active hunters involved,
Hunters should stand Tall & Proud of the reputations they have created and continue to pass on for the following generations to enjoy.
Anti's can use any information they choose to use to carry on their rhetoric but in the end it's ultimately going to be decided by a Judge & jury to determine fact from fiction.
Now this is just my opinion on this issue but if the DHC owner or one of the other moderators decides to remove this thread, I would support their decision to do so but I really don't think it's neccessary.
Good Luck & Happy Hunting

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