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Originally Posted by Dylan View Post
And your reading of The Bible may not be only way to understand it.

Careful... there is only one way to take the Bible and that is for EXACTLY what it says. This is why our country is plagued with people saying abortion is ok and that God will forgive it. It is not, and He will not. This is also why our country is saying it's ok to be gay and lesbian because God knows we were made that way. We were not and HE DID NOT. God intended things just the way he said they were in the Bible. That's the truth. Don't take anything from the Bible that's not in there. In order to be a Christian, you have to believe the truth,,,, not what a group of people gathered and created as a truth. That's why we have so many different types of denominations. When people don't like a certain part of the Bible they break off and make their own "truth". The Bible is the Bible, it is our book of life. God intended for it to guide us through life and NOT to change it or try to understand it in another way. YES, Jesus often spoke in parables, and they can be hard to understand, but it is best to pray about what is being said in the Bible than to try make up your own understanding. This is why we have preachers and pastors, they are there to guide us through the Bible.

Now, getting back to what huntnh said... Do I believe it to be a little harsh (about the fatherless and widow thing)... yes, and he knows that. I also know that huntnh is a Christian and we all make mistakes. THAT is called being human. Obviously huntnh doesn't wish death on anyone, that goes without saying. He's expressing his concern for this country and I get that. I too am very worried where this president is taking out country. I'm also concerned with where our country is going as a whole. We're no longer a Christian nation because of all the supposed "rights" we're giving out citizens. Abortion should NOT be a right. Gay and lesbian should NOT be a right. It is unchristian and NOT what God wants. Obama supports both of these things. The sad thing is, many people in our country (and I'll admit I do this too) sit back and don't worry about it because they personally DO NOT KNOW anyone who has had an abortion or is gay or lesbian so therefore, don't worry about it. The fact is, even though our President and congress throw around words like abortion like it's just another topic to discuss is disheartening. It's horrible that we even have to debate this topic. It's also horrible that we have to debate the topic of gays and lesbians. More lives are affected by gay and lesbian couples than abortions... but yet, we want people to have their freedoms to have same-sex partners. Does anyone realize how many people gay and lesbian couples mess-up every second of everyday? Think about any and all kids involved,,, it's sad. Our country is in a sad state right now. and we know this because we have discuss topics like killing human beings and allowing women to marry women and men to marry men.

James 1:2-8
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