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Sorry, but I'm simply curious as to why you'd even want a posting like that on a nice site like this?? The man admitted to committing a felony act, perhaps even attempted murder and you think that's OK to print here on this forum? I'm sorry, but I'm at a loss to understand that, at all.

We live in a nation where freedom to speak and think are allowed, to a point. If you state you want to kill someone, that can be a punishable offense. Some are bothered by the fact(?) that this person's dog was shot. Well, it's a fact, not a rumor, that the laws, social mores, and overall feelings in this country do not allow for someone to shoot another person because they alledgedly shot their dog. We are, after, all a civilized nation with laws pertaining to both animal cruelty and assault, attempted murder, etc.

This is more then ridiculous, come on now...really??
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