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Well I, for one, do not wish you any luck at all in court. If they choose to throw the book at you, I'd be happy to see that. You intentionally shot another human. As a human being you are supposed to have the advantage of reasoning. You apparently do not, figuring that your dog = another person (a person just like you, actually; foolishly shooting at something illegally!)

You might have made a bad shot at that distance, hit the other person a tad high, severed his femoral artery in the process and that person would have been dead in about 2 minutes. You bullet might have ricocheted and then hit another one of those people in the head killing him instantly.

I'd like to see you get jail time and jail time away from a PC so we might not have to read any more of your silly, ignorant posts here. I wish you the worst of luck on your upcoming court date.

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