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I have shot Elk, Mule deer, whitetail, antelope and pigs;
I shoot a .270, and a .243; I have a 30-06 BAR that I take to Alaska for back-up for bears when fishing (without scope); A 270 win will take ANY game in north america, and I have dropped Elk in their tracks with a 243 win, with 100 gr. hornady interlock; There is no need for these big magnums; It's all marketing;

Look at your ballistics tables for various rounds; a 270 will outshoot an '06
out to 100 yds, then BC and bullet weight take over;

when you are talking about energy in the 2,000 lb range, what difference does 40 lbs. make?

People with more money than time or sense always want the latest and best (and often not the best)

The only caliber I gave up is 22-250, after I dicovered the 24's will outshoot them in every catagory
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