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Winchester 88

Karl & Turner, do you guys have any info regarding the 88 and scope mounting. I'm having trouble getting enough rear scope position to get proper head position. I've tried 4 different scopes of varing lengths/power and can't get one to set up correctly. The one piece Weaver base with only 2 scope cross bolt slots just doesn't give me enough reward scope travel. I know they put low x Weaver scopes on the 88 way back but for the life of me I don't see how they ever got a clear scope picture with the short scope tube lengths?? I tried a Pentax 13.4" scope and still comes up short. I do tend to set scopes back on my rifles but this one is giving me fits. I wonder if anyone makes extended bases for the 88 or 100 win models both fit. I may end up with a long eye relief shotgun scope 2x7x32 that will give me a full sight picture with 5" of relief. Right now just frustrated. I have a 70's Redfield 3x9x40 on it's way that I know isn't the answer either unless I can find some set back bases. There were a lot of Win 88's and 100 models with scopes, don't know what's up with me?
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