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Lucked out on this doe opening morn (Oct. 1st), in Shawnee. Had 4 different little spikes, 4's, etc. come in and feed on the reds and white oaks didn't want to shoot them and never did see a doe till I got down and was getting my stuff together and she came trotting in to the acorns. I kneeled down and when she got what turned out to be 20 steps and behind a big oak I drew on her and shot as she came out. Went about 60yds. with good blood. Simmons Interceptor hit heart and then the off lower shoulder leg joint. 64" Quinn Stallion recurve 48lbs.

I had a trail cam at the spot I'd put up less than 2wks ago and when I got home and looked at the card it had a whole bunch of pics on it. About 5 different bucks, but no big ones. Two are about 110" and the rest all skippers.
Lots of different doe and yrlings.

There's about a 100acre standing corn field about 250yds from this spot..but the acorns are really hitting the ground and they are tearing them up all around this area.

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