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Default My suggestion on caliber and barrel length

Some shooters/hunters really like magnums. If you have a need for them, shots at really long distances on tough animals they are perfect. Most of us that shoot/hunt don't shoot that far, or shouldn't shoot that far. Deer are not that hard to kill cleanly. The 30-06 you are considering has been a perfect Deer cartridge for over 100 years and nothing has changed. It is easier to learn a rifle if it isn't kicking hard as you fire it, the 30-06 will kick alot less then the 300 Win mag. The price of ammo is also cheaper to stay with the standard cartridges compaired to the magnum ones. Learning a new rifle requires time at the range and the extra cost per box will add up quickly.
When looking at barrel length unless you are comparing the new compact magnums a magnum should have a barrel length of atleast 24 inches. Most standard rifles in 30-06 are equiped with a barrel of 22 inches. Two inches difference in barrel doesn't sound like much but it is noticeable when walking through the woods.

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