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Pass on the 710 or 770 Remingtons

I am not against Remington, they make fine rifles and ammo. This series of rifles the 710/770 line are garbage. I am sorry if anyone that owns them is offended by my opinion. Remington makes the model 700 SPS rifles that are great just a cheaper version of their regular model 700. The 710/770 series were made to offer an entry rifle at the bottom pricepoint and they should have avoided that pricepoint all together. As a consumer you have much better choices, I also recommend the Marlin XL7 or XS7 rifles. These are available for just under 300.xx and are far superior to the 710/770 Remingtons. Other posters have also suggested Savages, Mossbergs, and the entry level Kowas by Weatherby. There was a recent article in I think Guns and Ammo that compaired 18 bolt action entry level rifles. Six different rifles with 3 examples of each one were tested. All the testers agreed they would be happy with 4 of the 6. The two they didn't recommend were the Remington 770s and the new entry level Savage. They did recommend the regular Remingtons and Savages just to stay away from their bottom level model offering.

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