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You definitely have some good deer there this year! What part of KY do ya hunt if ya don't mind me asking (west, central, or east)? I grew up hunting in West TN and then did some work with Kentucky Fish and Wildlife this summer all over KY.

As far as your deer goes, if it was a 4.5 or 5.5 deer you probably did make a good decision to get rid of him. However KY and West/Middle TN (as you said) can have great food qualities and lead to bigger deer so that can throw off the body characteristics that you normally look for.

To better understand the deer in that area, start judging the teeth (you can find guides anywhere online) every time you kill a deer. Sayin that you saw this buck more than any other probably does mean he was one of the more dominant bucks in the area but to be moving that much he (IMHO) doesn't sound like a really mature big deer. You said you had seen him the year before? Was his rack the same? Also, how long had you been seeing him? If you had only noticed him for 2 years and had seen him a lot in that time, he probably was a younger deer just with a genectically bigger body.

No matter what you got a buck for that year. Judging by some of the other deer on your pics he probably was a poor quality deer. I have gotten so picky on my bucks that I haven't harvested one off my farm in 3-4 years. I watch em grow up to about 130 class deer at 3 1/2 but then they get smart and I catch only glimpses of them.
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