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ok now that this old thread was brought back. when all the others brought up that my deep seeded anger for him was not consistant with christian thinking. i took a long hard look at it, to see if i was looking at it all wrong. from a christian stand point maybe i was. but in the end i felt that in the end, i believe that he was/is trying his hardest to destroy this nation. that assumeing he realy is a citizen like he claims is treason. treason is a capital offence. and seeing as how th potus will never be tryed let alown convicted of treason, that is why i would like to see god do it. but i never brought up that opinion for several reasons. one i felt that was just a subject i should just let get lost in the pages of this forum. 2 i have a tremendous amount of respect for several of the members who disagreed with me, and did not argue with them over it. 3 i think buy now, and several debates with me. (and i have been on the same side with many of them, and on the other side in different debates) that they have learned that i do not often change my point of views, and exepted me for me. wile some times my opinions my be verry flawed, that over all i am a good guy, and i think they know that. but sence you felt the need to bring this back up, and wile doing so question my faith i will say this..... are you not the same guy who stood up for abortion clinics in another thread? ( i know you are i looked it up before typing this) so you mean to tell me that it is more christian to suport doctors who kill babys, than it is for me to wish that god would smite the man i feel is doing his best to destroy " one nation under god"? ok with that all sead if any one wants to look back to my origanal posts about this, i hold no ill will against his family, espeshali his innocent childeren. yes i know on the serface wishing them to be fatherless looks like i do, but by my logic (flawed as it may be) that they would be better off. sorry to all who may be offended by how i feel on this, and i wont hold it against you if you pray for me to change my opinion. nor will i not change my opinion if i get the feeling deep down if i get the feeling that god wants me to chainge it. but i do think that though verses were put in the bible for a reason. so that we could wish for god to take his revenge on the enemys of chistianity, instead of going all crazy like the muslems do, and think that it is ok to do it our selfs. and i dont think that it would be ok for someone to do that. again sorry to anone offended my my views on this.
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