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My 2 cents worth

Originally Posted by turner View Post
I agree with you guys, but no one else is permitted to deer hunt this land besides us (3). So, any future "culling" would/will have to be done by our hand. I'd also say, likely by my hand. Good thing is that pictures we've gotten this year, 11 months after seeing "Mr Odd" show very good promise with at least 3 different nice bucks "around". The picture of last year's cull (taken 1 yr ago yesterday) and this year's nice bucks were taken in exactly the same spot. That spot is close to a couple of our "permanent" ladder stands too.

This area is only about 1.5 miles across the Tn/Ky state line, but we are still, of course strapped by the 1 buck rule in Ky. Oh

Thanks to all who gave their opinions!
I would have done the same thing, mainly since you stated he was a mature and full bodied buck. That's my prime reason for hunting - putting them into the freezer. Oh yes, I'm not saying that I wouldn't like to wait for a "trophy" buck to come along, but when you get only one chance to put something in the freezer by all means take it.

Just my $.02 worth!

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