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Hello, fellow Wisconsinite!
It sounds like you have a great place to hunt, and a nice shotgun. Ok, here you go.... remington sluggers are hard to beat. After 50+ deer that I have taken with them I aint wrong. Federals are cheaper but that would be my last choice. Winchesters are my 2nd choice. They all go Boooom and take deer! If you can, sit at the field with the sun at your back and the wind in your face. Sit down, be still, watch and enjoy. What ever happens or dont happen you will remember for the rest of your life. You will see more small game deer hunting than any other time. Its like they know! If or when a deer comes along....breath...breath... safety off..gun butt firmly aganst armpit...cheek firmly down... breath..... look straight down from rear to front of barrel .....breath.. point just behind the shoulder....breath...slowly pull the trigger....Boooom! It wont hurt. Watch the deer, if it drops, let it lay for at least 1 minute. if it runs,, see wich way it runs and get some help tracking it. anyway, it aint a video game, its much better. If you enjoy your self and have a good time, the deer is only iceing on the cake. Have fun... oh ya safety first...treat every hunter as if he was loaded.
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