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Originally Posted by Musella74 View Post
Does anyone have any good story's about these broadheads? I've herd there good and there lifetime warranty is very nice. I currently have Grim Reapers but I'm thinking of using them for turkey and getting the Magnus Stinger Buzzcuts for deer for the better pass through's and the cut on contact..........ALSO I've herd you need to line your fixed blade broadheads up with your fletchings, but I've herd with the Magnus you don't need to, anyone that can offer and help or advice thanks.

YES!!!! I use them!!! They are excellent broadheads! They are very reasonably priced as well (around $30). Shot a nice 10pt last year with one and it was a quartering away shot that made a complete pass through. They hit HARD! The buck didn't go 40 yds before piling up. take them out of the package, screw them in, and you're ready to go. SIMPLE as that. Their lifetime warranty is excellent too.. now I have never sent any back, but have had buddies tell me that if you bend one somehow or one gets dull... save the package and mail them back... in about a week you'll have 3 brand new broadheads. It's very rare to see companies like this anymore. They stand by their products and will even send you NEW ones if you can think of a way to distroy them! how cool is that?!?!?!?!

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