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Originally Posted by Hellbilly View Post
interested in them. I guess my #1 problem is like this. You know the stages of a christian, start out like baby on bottle and progress from there.Id say at this point in my life Im a toddler, no bottle,but soft food and alittle cerial. then I get something like this put on my plate,its big and tough and I only have a few teeth.Does this make sence to yall?
I brought out the book, "Too Busy Not To Pray." The author modeled his pattern after the Lord's Prayer.

Here's what the chapter "A Pattern for Prayer:"

He summed it up with ACTS

Adoration: Begin prayer in a posture of adoration. Remind yourself that you are praying to God, your Heavenly Father. You will enter His presence and gain His attention.

For guidance, look to Luke 1: 46-55 and Luke 1: 68-79.

List His attributes. If you are looking for guidance, pray about His wisdom. If you need strength, pray about His strength. If you are in the midst of sin, pray about His mercy.

Confession: Name your faults and sins. Don't lump them together as "my sins." Be specific! By naming them and recounting the sins, you make them real and you don't let yourself off the hook. Trust me, the admission of particular sins is humbling. If you state your sins daily, you are far, far less likely to judge others and your empathy for what society terms "the least of us" grows.

To find strength to go through with this, read Psalm 103:12 and 2 Corinthians 5:17.

Thanksgiving: Really explore the difference between feeling grateful and giving thanks. Read Luke 17:11-19 for a good example of giving thanks, compared to how we normally feel grateful.

You are grateful when someone does something you didn't expect and that you appreciate. God knows your sinful ways and still provides. Glory to Him and thank Him!

Supplication: Your requests. The author notes that it might be helpful to break them down into categories: ministry, people, family life, and personal.

For "Ministry," pray for things such as a healthy church body, successful ministering to the community, success in community aid, etc.

"People" can include requests from prayer circles and members of the community that you know need God's love, strength, patience, and all other forms of assistance.

"Family" would include your marriage, your children, your parents. Another book I read (Sacred Marriage) asked, "Does your spouse believe she is married to Christ?" If we are to be Christian (Christ-like), than shouldn't she feel that way? Shouldn't your children feel the love and comfort we feel when we have that personal relationship with Christ?

On a related note, "Sacred Marriage" is a fantastic book if you feel that your marriage is struggling. Beyond that, it can help with all relationships you have. Well worth the time to get from the library or buying. I cannot tell you how much this book helped me grow as a Christian. It is probably the most helpful book, other than those in the Bible.

For "Personal" requests, ask to be more righteous. My son, 8 years old, said he thinks being righteous is acting as if God is standing or walking right next to you at all times. How often would you sin if you knew He was right next to you? How would you treat others? Amazing clarity comes from children when you talk to them about God. So, pray to be more Christ-like. Patient, loving, faithful, humble, servant's heart.

That's pretty much the summary. The book, as a whole, is also worth reading.

Hope this helps.

James 1:19

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