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This is a very interesting thread! You all make very good points. I like how we've been drawn to the topic of Prayer and I think God has lead each of us to this so that Hellbilly knows what to do.. PRAY about it. God will always listen. He may not answer as soon as we want or with the answer we want,,, but he'll always listen and he's always answer prayers.. even if it's a NO.
Daddus... I like your comment about having two ears and one mouth! That brought up a memory for me. I used to have a Sunday School Teacher that would say that almost weekly to us!
I also look at prayer like this.. I heard this somewhere one time and I agree with it (I Think it was on Christian Radio) but the pastor said when you pray to God, you first need to ask forgiveness of your sins. If you think about it, when our kids do something wrong and we send them to their room... when they come down we TALK about it and then make them say I'M SORRY. Well that's because they need to learn, before they go on, what they did wrong and why it's so bad to have a time-out. Well the same goes for God. I believe, He wants us to ask for this forgiveness,, AND MEAN IT,, before He's going to answer our prayers. Maybe, if there's something in your life that you are praying about hard everyday, maybe you haven't asked Him for forgiveness of all your sins?!? Try it.
The other thing about prayer that I never realized until about a month ago or so, our pastor talked about this in church one Sunday... try praying without saying the word "I" or "Me". It's next to impossible. The other thing is,,, try praying to God without asking for anything. Now that's hard to do as well! Many times when we pray we hurry through it because we are caught up on our schedule. God wants to talk to us just like a friend wants to talk to us. He wants us to spend time with Him in His word and just conversing with him. I have a 25 min drive to work everyday and many times, this is my Talking With God Time. I try not to talk about me, and I try not to ask anything. It's sort of weird at first but after you do this for awhile, it's just like talking with a friend. That's what God is, our #1 friend. He is SO much for us that it's not even funny. He's truely our Father... He wants to be in our lives and He wants to be involved with everything we do!

James 1:2-8
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