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"something that doesn't knock a softball sized hole through it either."

I have a Mosin-Nagant in 7.62x54R (only fractionally larger than a .308)(.308 = 7.62x51) and use a bronze tipped round when hunting. I will admit to rushing the shot when the 8 pt buck stopped for just a moment from chasing the doe he was after, but that moment's pause was all I needed. It may not have been a softball sized hole, but I could have easily put my fist in the exit wound. I put the round directly into the right front shoulder, instead of slightly above and behind . The bronze tipped round drove through both shoulders leaving the left front leg barely attached by the time I finally found the buck.

Oh, the range? My hunting spot is a deer crossroads and I have several paths that criss cross my property. The "spot" is about 95 - 100 yards away, but the path these two were on was only about 50 yards away. So the buck was maybe 55 yards away at most when I pulled the trigger.

So just what is "too much rifle"? For the distance, I probably could have used a bow and arrow and it might have been too much. But you just never know when and where the crazy critters are going to show up. "Too much rifle" will always be subject to discussion and a personal preference.

I for one will not stick my nose into what other hunters use, because that's one of the joys we have here in the states, the ability to choose.
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